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Oversize Industrial Tire Load

Boone Specialized Motor Freight Transportation

US DOT - 3234925

ICC MC - 1014954

Boone Trucking operates a modern fleet of 20+ Class 8 GPS / Satellite equipped power units, pilot trucks, and employ 35+ trailer configurations to service our clients across North America. If you are looking for a motor carrier capable of handling small LTL shipments up to oversize irregular type loads; we have the equipment and expertise to handle any shipment. From Military, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Mining, Agriculture etc., we are experts on transporting open deck freight.

A guiding business principal for us at Boone Trucking is to always put people first, and treat them as if they were family. Boone Trucking is highly committed to embracing Pride, Professionalism, Dedication and Synergy to guide our path forward.

Our Freight Lane capacity includes: Canada - Canada / Canada - United States - Canada / USA - USA contingent 48 States

Call us anytime at: 403-942-5546

Commercial Insurance

$5 Million Commercial General Liability Insurance

$5 Million Commercial Motor Carrier Insurance

$500,000 Truckman's Cargo Insurance (easily increased to meet specific client project requirements)

Specialty Insurance

Alberta Workman's Compensation Insurance

WITPAC Certified Motor Carier

Named Client Insurance Certificates provided on request

Our Trucks

Boone Trucking

Boone Specialized Motor Freight can provide the logistical expertise as well as on site project management to ensure all aspects of our customers' transportation requirements are fullfilled to the highest standards.

Call us at 403-942-5546 to chat with us about your next project and put our expertise to work for you!


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